Legal Nursing Expert

Needs Assessments

Our needs assessments involve home/clinic visits to thoroughly assess and understand a client’s care requirements before preparing a fair, detailed report.

Legal Nursing Consultants
Quantum Care Reports

Quantum Care Reports

We are able to forensically assess the true financial cost of a client’s retrospective, current and future care needs.

Expert Testimony

We have appeared before the Irish courts as an expert witness countless times. Our reports are capable of standing-up under the most thorough cross-examination.

Expert Testimony
Case Analysis/Desktop Review

Case Analysis/Desktop Review

In addition to providing desktop reports and reviews, we can act as case managers, giving our clients expert advice, critiquing other reports and attending conferences, negotiations and mediation.

Loss of Services Reports

We can value the loss of the deceased’s services and provide a report setting out the retrospective, current and future care in this matter.

In order to prepare such a  report, we will need to undertake a care assessment for the purpose of  exploring the situation and routine that existed prior to death, and the current situation that is in place.  Subsequently, a report will be prepared to outline our findings.

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